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SRD Ayurveda

Under the guidance of Ashtavaidyan Pulamanthole Mooss, the pioneer of Ayurveda in Kerala, SRD Ayurvedics started its operations in the year 1988. Backed by the centuries old tradition, experience and expertise of Pulamanthole Mana, SRD has become synonymous to authentic ayurveda in Kerala. Located on the banks of river Kunti, SRD is blessed with divine and august ambience, which harmonizes a holistic well being of mind and body for every person who comes to SRD. A GMP certified company, SRD believes in employing traditional methods and equipments for treatment, not compromising the quality and authenticity.

Endorsed by tradition, the Ayurveda at SRD is sustained by a dedicated team of expert physicians and supporting staffs. With one hour drive by road from Shornur Railway Junction and 1.30 hours from Calicut International Airport, SRD is well accessible.

SRD Ayurveda
Team Srd

Our Vision

At SRD we shall always strive to practice, protect , preserve and promote authentic Ayurveda for the well being of the society. Our mentor shall be our tradition, our motive shall be holistic well being of the people.
Our Motto is ”iha kurutham ayurarogya soukyam” meaning, ‘with the Lord Dhanwanthari’s grace and blessings, you shall have health, happiness and longevity’.

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