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Ashtavaidyan Lt Pulamanthol Sankaran Mooss

Ashtavaidyan Lt Pulamanthole Sankaran Mooss

Born to the renowned family of Pulamanthole as the eldest son of Ashtavaidyan Sankaran Mooss and Cherukunnath Uma Devi Antharjanam, he started learning Ashtangahrudhyam and Sahasrayogam under his Guru Kuttencheri Mooss. He married Devaki Andharjanam of Elayidathu Thaikkattu Mooss.A professor of authentic Ayurveda,he spent more than six decades, practicing Ayurveda.He served the society, irrespective of the cast and creed; be it rich or poor. His clientele included many eminent personalities.The renowned musician Chembai Vaidya Nadha Bhagavathar once experienced paralysis. Everyone was of the belief that he would not sing anymore. He was then brought to Ashtavaidyan Pulamanthole Sankaran Mooss, who cured the Bhagavathar completely.His client list also included the famous musician Yesudas and the former President of India, KR Narayanan.

Ashtavaidyan Pulamanthole Sankaran Mooss was a good teacher too. He had trained several young physicians during his time.His reputation as a scholar was well appreciated by all intellectuals and practitioners in the field of Ayurveda.,he was the founder of Rudra Dhanwandhari Vilasam VaidyaSala which dissolved later. He was one among the managing partners and chief physician of Vaidyaratnam, owned by Elayidathu Thaikkattu Mooss.

Ashtavaidyan Lt Narayanan Mooss

Ashtavaidyan Lt Narayanan Mooss

Ashtavaidyan Narayanan Mooss was born as the second son of Ashtavaidyan Sankaran Mooss and Cherukunnath Uma Devi Antharjanam, he was married to the only daughter of Ash Pazhanellippurath Thaikkattu Unni Mooss.He was no less than his father when it came to Ayurvedic medicine and treatment and excelled as an academician, university examiner, and a renowned physician. His Guru was Kuttenchery Mooss. His clientele included several famous personalities like Ramana Maharshi , Gulsarilal Nanda, Guru Golwarker, etc. He was a member in the committee of Ayuvedic Pharmacopea, constituted by Government of India and in the regulatory board of Ayurvedic Post Graduate Course. He succeeded Ashtavaidyan Thrissur Thaikat Vasudevan Mooss popularly known as Unni Mooss as the Chairman of SNA Oushadhasala

Ashtavaidyan Lt Narayanan Mooss

Ashtavaidyan Lt Pulamanthole Aryan Mooss

Born as the youngest son of Ash Sankaran Mooss and Cherukunnath Uma Devi Antharjanam, he succeeded Ash Vaidyan Sankaran Mooss as the head of the Pulamanthole Mana.Following the path of his father, he contributed immensely to protect and preserve Ayurveda for the welfare of mankind. Ashtavaidyan Aryan Mooss was exponential in treating the incurables and showed astounding results in treating infertility. He was the chief physician and technical director at Nagarjuna. As a token of gratitude, Nagarjuna Group of Institutions gives away Aryan Mooss memorial Award for the best student of the University. He also served at Keraleeya Ayurveda Samajam.Several personalities who bask in the limelight had been treated by Ashtavaidyan Aryan Mooss. Former President of India, V.V. Giri, was a client of Aryan Mooss.On his visit to Kerala, he was taken to Kottakkal Arya Vaidhya Sala and was treatd on the referral by Ashtavaidyan Aryan Mooss due to lack of inpatient facilities at pulamanthole. As the director of SRD, he took the institution to several heights.

Ashtavaidyan Sankaran Mooss

Born in 1960 as the son of Ashtavaidyan Aryan Mooss and Parvathy Antharjanam,he succeeds his father to head the Pulamathole Family. He learnt Kalaripayattu and Sanskrit from Poomully Mana before his entry into formal education. He studied ‘Tharkkam’ as a part of ICVD Oriental Studies from Kancheepuram. After that, he learnt ‘Ashtangahrudaya’ under the guidance of his valyachan, Pulamanthole Sankaran Mooss. After his studies, he joined Nagarjuna,Thodupuzha in 1987, and practiced there for 6 years. He started practicing under his father, Ashtavaidyan Pulamanthole Aryan Mooss in 1996.Meanwhile he continued his studies in ‘Charaka’, ‘Palakapyam’ and ‘Madangaleela’ under Poomully Neelakandan Nampoodirippad, popularly known as ‘Arivinte Thampuran’(Emperor of Wisdom).He has also served at Keraleeya Ayurveda Samajam and SNA Oushadhasala.He also served outside the state like Gujarat, Chennai etc.He has many renowned personalities on his client base. Ashtavaidyan Sankaran Mooss is,at present, the chief physician of SRD Ayurveda. A renowned scholar and social worker with real experience and right attitude, he steers the family connecting the glorious past with present.He is one among the chief patrons of Ashtangam Ayurveda Vidyapeedam and Chikitsalayam.He trains young doctors and students of Ayurveda under him.His student base has members outside India. Every year, a doctor from China, spends months at Pulamanthole, practising Ayurveda under him.

Awards and recognitions:

  • At 32, he was recognised as ‘the Ashtavaidyan of Malabar’
  • In 2016,he became the first recipient of ‘Dhanwanthari Puraskaram’ instituted by Angadipuram Aalikkalmanna Sree Dhanwanthari Kshethram Pulamanthole.
  • Recipient of Secularism Award 2016 instituted by MES.
  • Recipient of ‘T N Sheshan Shathabhikshitha Award’ instituted by Sneham Charitable Trust.


  • Have handled sessions in Jeevadhara, an educative programme on health in Amrita TV
  • Have published articles in Mathrubhumi Arogyamasika and ‘Arogyam’ by Manorama.
  • Handled a session on Panchakarma treatment in Germany in the year 2002.

Smt Renuka N

Smt. Renuka N is the Wife of Ashtavaidyan Sankaran Mooss,and Managing Director at SRD Ayurvedics and nursing home. She is a member of Nemath Illam Malappuram and a diploma holder in civil Engg from Polytechnic, Pathanamthitta. She renders strong support to her husband.The role played by her constant encouragement and support in SRD is immense. Being an expert in astrology,her skill has aided in treatment in several occasions.

Smt. Girija P. M

Smt. Girija is the daughter of Ashtavaidyan Aryan Mooss and sister of Ashtavaidyan Sankaran Mooss. She serves as the Manager of SRD Ayurvedics and nursing home. She is married to Sri. Damodaranunni Moossad of Keezheppattillam, Chittur.He is also a part of SRD family.

Dr. Aryan Narayanan PM

The eldest son of Ash Vaidyan Pulamanthole Sankaran Mooss, Dr Aryan learnt the basic principles of Ayurveda from his father Sankaran Mooss. Later he graduated from Vaidyaratnam PS Variyer Ayurveda College Kottakkal. After his studies he practiced at SRD in the manufacturing Dept. for few years and later moved to Coimbatore to take the charge of SRD Coimbatore.
He handles specialist OP in male infertility and kidney disorders.At present, he is pursuing postgraduation in ‘rasasasthra’ and ‘bhaishajyakalpana’ at Karnataka Ayurveda Medical College, Mangalore.

Dr Rosni K

Dr. Rosni, wife of Dr.Aryan, handles obstetrics and Gynecology at SRD. An alumnus of VPSV Ayurveda College, Kottakkal, she is currently pursuing Postgraduation in ‘prasootitantra streeroga’ at Govt. Ayurveda College, Thiruvanathapuram.

Sreeraman Mooss

The second son of Ashtavaidyan Sankaran Mooss,he did his schooling in Presentation HSS, Perinthalmanna. He is, at present,doing his graduation at Pankajakasthuri Ayurveda Medical College, Thiruvanthapuram. He provides creative assistance and support to SRD Ayurvedics.

Jayasankaran Mooss

The youngest Son of Ashtavaidyan Sankaran Mooss. He was schooled at Presentation HSS, perinthalmanna. He is, at present,BAMS final year student at Sree Jayendra Saraswati Ayurveda College and Hospital, Chennai. He provides creative assistance and support to SRD Ayurvedics.

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