SRD Nursing Home

SRD has a well equipped nursing home with 24/7 medical facility available. The nursing home is well maintained with dedicated staff, ensuring quality treatment for people. The nursing home has different speciality departments with specialist doctors available.Located on the banks of river Kunti, the place has a natural ambience of peace and calmness, aiding the treatment and recovery of patients.The river provides a pleasant visual experience and nurtures the fauna on the banks, which is a source of raw materials for the SRD Pharmacy.

SRD Nursing Home

The Facilities we provide at SRD Nursing Home are:

  • Round the clock medical attention.
  • Nursing rooms as per your choice- small, large, deluxe; both A/C and Non A/C, among which some are river facing. You get to choose the room, based on your requirements.
  • We have canteen facility for patients as well as bystanders. The food served for the patients shall be as per the recommendations of the physician.
  • The nursing centre is designed in such a way as to have a nadumuttam or a small courtyard in the centre. This ensures proper lighting and aeration to all the nursing rooms. This space can also be used as a place for meditation, yoga, exercise etc.
  • We also provide high speed internet connectivity so that the patients are well connected to the world outside.
  • The medicines provided to the patients are from the brand SRD, which ensures quality and proves effective.
  • Dedicated staffs whose service shall be available for walk-ins also, for those who stay nearby.
  • Facility for medical insurance and reimbursement if required.
  • Door Delivery of SRD Brand medicines on request.
OP Consultation Timings

OP Consultation Timings:

The Chief Physician Ash Vaidyan Sankaran Mooss’s service shall be available at :

  • SRD Pulamanthole on all days (except friday) from 10am to 1pm and 2pm to 5pm. Contact 9446567506 for bookings and queries.
  • Coimbatore SRD on all fridays from 10am to 1pm and 2pm to 5pm.
  • Chennai on first Wednesdays and Thursdays of every month from 10am to 1pm and 2pm to 5 pm.For enquiry and bookings, please contact :08281615756
  • Trivandrum on third Sundays of every Month from 10am to 1pm. For enquiry and bookings, please contact : 08281615756

SRD Pharmacy production Centre

SRD pharmacy Production centre was set up in the year 1992. The medicines used in Ayurvedic treatment is very difficult to produce, as one has to be precise on the mix, the time and temperature required, etc. Anything can go wrong, making the medicine ineffective. But medicines from SRD has never proved to be ineffective owing to the experienced and skilled personnels in the production process. At present , the pharmacy production centre produces 300+ different products .

As many from the clientele base of SRD are from distant places, either within or outside the country, for their convenience, we provide delivery service of medicines on request for their convenience

Medical Camps:

The Pulamanthole family in association with other agencies and NGOs have conducted medical camps in various places. It is a usual practice in which people with limited means are given treatment and medicines at subsidised rates.

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