SRD pharmacy has over 300 products under the brand SRD. Some of these are patented products and are exclusive to SRD. They are:

  • Saptachchadhabhayam Kashayam for mouth ulcer
  • Musthavilamgadhi Kashayam for IBS,cirrhosis,deworming etc
  • Neelimooladhi Kashayam for Spider Poison
  • Thambooladhi Kerathilam for Migraine, and Hair Grey
  • Nakthamaladhi Kashayam for Lizard Poison
  • Sindhuvaram erathailam for tonsilitis
  • Lathakaraskaradhi Kerathailam for dandruff, skin diseases
  • Chandrodhyam Choornam to increase sperm count
  • Agnimukhi Choornam for Parkinsons
  • SRD Tooth Powder
  • Dhahajalam
  • SRD Face Powder.
SRD Medicne list
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